What Is Storeo?

It is an App that creates the illusion that there is no gaps between longer filmed updates and can make your story come across less clipped and more fluid. When you film your update (however long), it breaks it up into sections and loads it automatically.

What Can I Use Storeo For?

It is great for when you are filming something that you don’t want to keep having to interrupt with a break or don’t want to stop the flow of what you are saying.

How Do You Use Storeo?

Download the app for free to your phone and the app does the rest for you! You film what you are wanting to add to Stories, but you load it to Storeo first. Storeo divides it up into ten-second blocks which you then individually upload. Storeo watermarks the free version – you can pay for the having the no-watermarked version.


I love it! I don’t use it all the time but when I do, it saves me time and makes it easy for a Story to be delivered in a fluid manner.

Here is the link to Storeo in the App Store.

Other Tools You Might Like…

Not sure if there is anything else out there like Storeo.