What Is Mailchimp?

MailChimp is an email marketing service that allows people to send email newsletters, invitations, reminders and more, to lists of subscribers.

What Can I Use Mailchimp For?

I use Mailchimp to send out my newsletter, which is the most cost effective marketing piece that I have for my other creative business, The Make and Do Studio. And for most of us, it is free! You only are charged once you have over 2,000 subscribers Рso it is great for thos of you starting out with a low budget but great expectations!

How Do You Use Mailchimp?

I use Mailchimp as a way to keep my customers up to date with what is going on with the Studio. I tend to send it out every two weeks at a regular time and don’t just write about things that we sell. There is a real art to writing and creating a newsletter that works but I promise it is a great marketing tool to invest time in.



Love it and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to start out with email marketing.

Other Tools You Might Like…

I am hesitant to refer other software for those we are just starting out but if you want to explore other options:

Mad Mimi

Mailer Lite



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