What Is iMovie?

iMovie is a free video  and image editing software package, which is for iOS and macOS,

What Can I Use iMovie For?

Making movies or montages of photos into a video.

How Do You Use iMovie?

You can take your images with any of your Mac products and download it into iMovie. It has a relatively simple interface for first-time users (though I did spend a fair bit of time looking around for a tutorial on how to get started) but there is also limited options for the next level of editing for professional videos. But as a free piece of kit, it is a great one to start out with.



A great bit of software (especially as it is free!) and it means if you have a phone, you really have no excuse for making even simple movies.


Other Tools You Might Like…

Camtasia – Once you feel you have mastered iMovie but want to up your game, Camtasia is an option. It is a an expense ($200.00 as the time of writing) but it has alot of the extras that you find you wish iMovie has once you get confident with it.

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