What Is Display Purposes?

You can use Display Purposes to easily find the best hashtags for your image and then upload them to your post.

What Can I Use Display Purposes For?

In order to get the most exposure on Instagram, you need to use hashtags – ideally nine but if you can use all thirty that is best. Display Purposes helps you find the best hashtags for the image you are posting. You can pick the thirty you think will be the best for your post and copy them to your post quickly.

How Do You Use Display Purposes?

You decide what word or words you want Display Purposes to find hashtags for. They present you with a group of options – to most obvious hashtags to those that are slightly more obscure (Auto). You can either copy and paste the obvious ones in one click or if you want to chose more selectively, work your way through the suggested list and create your list of 30 (Manual). You can then cut and paste to your post with very little downtime.



Great time saver and it helps you keep our tags fresh (Instagram likes that) without having to spend ages looking for them.


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There are many different apps that do the same thing but I happen to like this one the best.

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