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Hey everybody, Maeri here!

I hear you saying what is this tag thing because that’s what I said I would talk to you about today.


Tags are something that if you know how to use them, and if you start using them right away, when you set up your list, they can be really, really powerful. What a tag does is it allows you to attach a label to the name that’s coming onto your list.

So as an example, I will have a list setup. And sometimes I will set up a tag that allows me to know that that person will have come onto my list from a promotion that I did on LinkedIn, or a promotion that I did on my landing page. Now what that does is it allows me to then send them more detailed information about what it is that I have, that they they might be able to use.

Now, the idea with tags is that it allows you to niche down a little bit more what you would be able to offer anybody that’s on your list because you’re able to pull out that information about them to figure out if it would be appropriate to send them information about them. So if you’re not sure what tag is just think of it as something that you can use from the beginning to identify something about that person that’s interesting on your list.

The other thing that I would say is you don’t need tons of tags, I have four tags on one of my list. And they really do help me drill down and get that the more specific information that I need out. Too many tags can get a little bit confusing. But what you have to think about is that the tags are going to be appropriate to the people that are coming on your list, and then how you can pull that information out of that list using those tags

Does that help? I hope it does!

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