Why email marketing?


We’ve been talking about email marketing, teaching about email marketing and using email marketing since 2012. We have heard every reason under the sun for why people don’t start marketing their business with email and we created this workshop to help get over these barriers


This on-line workshop, delivered via Zoom, have three guidelines to 



And avoid the stuff that 






What the workshop will cover..and won’t cover 


Our MailChimp for Beginners workshop gives you the tools to be able to create your first successful, fully customised email campaign, paced out over four, consecutive days. 

This is a live workshop, taught in real time, over Zoom.

 We want you to actively engage with what we are teaching, encourage you to ask questions and create a safe place to share results. 

And on day four, push the Send button.

What we won’t include is a quick fix, get 1,000 subscribers NOW method

Because they a: don’t work and b: are not possible if you want real people on your list that you connect with.

This workshop is about creating an email marketing system that grows over time and has people on your list that want to hear about what you and your company do.

growth of my own email list

This is what a healthy list looks like.

This is an actual list that I started and managed for seven years.

It is a slow and steady process to growing your list.

That is what you will have the tools to create in our workshop. 

Having used MailChimp very briefly, Maeri’s class helped me to understand exactly how to utilise it more for business purposes. Due to COVID-19 the workshop was conducted via video and split over 4 consecutive days, this helped breakdown the information into bitesize chunks! I would recommend the class to anyone that is a beginner to MailChimp, which is a fantastic program once you understand how to use it

Emma Williams

Graphic Designer , MaD/ Media and Digital Ltd


You will be sent a welcome video that will also include what you will need to have in order to ensure you have the right tools for the workshop. 

We like to make sure you are prepared so that you can focus on the three days of content.

It is also a chance for us to get to know each other!

Day one (each lesson is between one to two hours in length)

  • A walk through of the MailChimp dashboard
  • The three main sections we will be focusing on.
  • The importance of setting up tags and how to figure out what yours are
  • How to sort and select your subscribers


Day two: Build Your List

  • GDPR and what that means for your list
  • How to build you opt-in email marketing list
  • Understanding the differences between Audiences, Groups, Segments & Tags
  • How to know what a healthy list looks like (what to look for within MailChimp analytics)
  • MailChimp tips, tricks and ideas to help you get more out of your list

Day Three:Create your Personalised newsletter

  • How to design effective campaigns using one template
  • How to increase your campaign open rates
  • How to improve your email marketing results
  • Create effective Cal to Actions 
  • Answer the age old question of “what should I write about?”


Maeri is always open to sharing her knowledge and her training sessions are well communicated and easy to follow. She’s particularly good at offering practical tips that give people confidence to have a go themselves. Maeri is my top recommendation for email marketing expertise and a pleasure to work with.

Roz Healey - Director, Beech House Services

Digital Project Management | Digital Marketing | Website Development | Social Media Management | Content Copywriting:

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