Email Marketing Training

Could email marketing training be the start of something magical?

We think so!

Whether you are a one (wo)man band or a growing business, if you want to have the ultimate control over your email marketing plan, training is the way to go.

Yes! That is what I am looking for – now what?

I rarely start a project without an audit first.

The audit is where I dig in, discover what you’re already doing, take a look around {maybe knock around some cobwebs} and get a a better feel for what your business does.

This step gives us a valuable baseline for where your email marketing stands and what our next steps are.

If you’re “so fresh, so new” to email marketing and have nothing in place to audit, we will have a slimmed down version of the Audit that focuses on your marketing goals


What You Get

  • A tailored audit with your defined business goals, brand tone and reader action steps in mind

  • Video walk-throughs of these suggestions

  • A 30-minute Audit Review Session to discuss questions

  • Confirmation of next steps that are required, for both the client and myself.

  • Training to reflect the agreed suggestionIAudit Timeline

mAudit only: two week delivery time (during busy times, this could be longer)

Training Timeline

Once an audit has been done and a training schedule has been agreed, training will be delivered over Zoom, with a detailed list of timescales, in advance of deliverables.


Does this sound like it might work for you?

We understand that each client and their training needs are individual so this is to help you get a flavour for how we work.

If you want to chat with us about your specific needs and what we can help you acheive, why don’t we schedule a call to get the ball rolling?

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Our training could make you the best email marketer for your business.

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